Welcome to the Official Website of the City of Woodruff Fire Department.  We would like to thank you for visiting our website.  This site is designed and developed as a resource to help the citizens of our community learn more about our department and the services that we provide to our community.  This department strives to provide the best, most complete, and most cost effective services to our customers as possible.  The City of Woodruff Fire Department is committed to providing a superior level of Emergency Services delivery that continually improves the health and safety of our community.


Mission Statement:

The Woodruff Fire Department will strive to provide the most complete, adequate, and effective service available to the Citizens of the City of Woodruff and the surrounding Fire Service Area through training, effective team skills, and the support of our community.  Each member will be held to a standard of pride, responsibility, and trust that exceeds that of normal expectations.  We will serve the Citizens of the City of Woodruff and the surrounding Fire Service Area as we have since the inception of this department, thus our motto…

Proudly Serving Since 1921